LOCH Technologies provides a solution called AirShield to provide cybersecurity, performance monitoring, and cost management across all 5G/LTE, broad-spectrum wireless, 802.11/Bluetooth, and Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) environments through our robust and extensible patented Wireless Machine Vision™ platform.

The AirShield solution utilizes several software-defined radios (SDR) capable of “listening” to RF emissions in the range of 100MHz to 6GHz. This includes WiFi, Cellular, Bluetooth, and LPWAN amongst other protocols.

This solution has the ability to locate, identify and monitor radio emitting devices over a broad range of intended and unintended emissions. The monitoring of such emissions enables the users to attain deeper visibility into the spectrum and protocols used by the devices for their communications to provide the much-needed data for device identification, location pin-pointing, authentication, and access management.

LOCH's next generation of wireless threat monitoring. provides visibility into the invisible threats in order for risk managers to implement a zero-trust cybersecurity framework.

Core Competencies

  • Wireless IoT Intrusion Detection and Asset Classification
  • Zero Trust Policy Enforcement
  • Rogue Cellular Tower Detection
  • IoT Vulnerability Assessment
  • Mitigation and Remediation of IoT Threats
  • Free Threat Hunting Application to pin-point nefarious devices
  • Prevent IoT Data Exfiltration
  • Off Premise configuration, no need to plug into the network. LTE Backhaul


  • Single pane of glass to manage wireless threats across a broad spectrum of RF
  • Early Warning System - detecting threats before they hit the wired network
  • Edge IoT Vulnerability Scanning to detect & identify exposed threats before they are abused
  • Monitor Enforce Zero-Trust Policies and “No Phone” Zones
  • Deployable in air-gapped environments

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